Friday, May 27, 2005


So, which will it be? As the light turns yellow, do you race through, hoping it won't turn red, saddling you with a ridiculous $150 ticket, or do you slow down, cursing your luck as the light turns red in front of your slowing vehicle?

Isn't it similar when it comes to life? You see some danger sign of something going skid to a halt to re-evaluate, or maybe you push your way through, crossing your fingers as you are flooring the accelerator, hoping for the best.

Interesting analogy, ain't it? I find it pretty relevant. Seeing people overcome seemingly unsurmountable odds, when the only thing that made the overcoming possible was some sort of foolhardy(OK - brave, but only in hindsight) belief - the running of yellow lights in the belief that the timing is right, and the leaving of red lights behind.

Small victories. Small setbacks, like the occasional ticket. The game continues. Rev your engines.


Sumedha said...

Another life-traffic analogy may be: overtaking a really large vehicle, like one of the massive juggernauts they have here. It's even worse when you're trying it on a curve...and its raining!!
I just steady the wheel and look the other way :P

Ajay said...

You're supposed to face your problems, not "look the other way " :-)

Hirak said...

I have always been a 'yellow gambler', though now age,:) and a thinner wallet make me stop a lot more.

Sumedha said...

I'm rather good at 'looking the other way'!