Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hack on

MIT is at it again. "I know, geeks" is what people will say and shrug it off. But this thingie seems really cool, although it is one of the more serious ones MIT's done.

If you want to look at some serious pranks, try MIT hacks. MIT has the reputation for pulling some of the most awesome pranks ever, and the most surprising thing is that they manage to find time for it in spite of their crazy schedules. What, they don't sleep, you say? Ah. Now it makes sense.

Update - two days after I wrote a draft of this post:

Another addition to the MIT repertoire. A few grad students went ahead and wrote code to automatically generate a technical paper. It was even accepted in a conference. I find this absolutely hilarious, considering how cool I thought it would be to get a paper published as a graduate student.


alhad said...

Update - two days after I wrote a draft of this post
So now you are writing drafts of your posts.. man you are taking this blogging-is-journalism thing too seriously :-)

Ajay said...

Actually, I email myself stuff that strikes me while at work (to blog at leisure, and not on company time). I kept postponing writing this for a few days, and then the new story came up. Draft is just a fancy way of describing procrastination for me.

alhad said...

See.. now you are taking the alhads-comments-are-important thing too seriously :-).
I am beginning to forget what your voice sounds like, call me.