Thursday, August 18, 2005

Why We Write

Bloggers write for different reasons. Some have ideas which need expressing. Some have a life worth sharing, and a number of people interested enough with whom they can share it. I have neither, but I have a desire to put things out there, which forces me to keep at it.

Some, though have the skill for it, which mere mortals like yours truly only aspire towards. A blog by someone with a genuine gift for words, poetry and ideas. The Girl In The Hat

(Link via various sources)


Ramanand said...

A little surprised it took you so long to find that blog - COEPians rock :-)

Ajay said...

COEPian? Woo..I didn't know that. I chanced upon this blog sometime back, but re-visited again recently at leisure , which was when I read more posts and that blew me away.