Sunday, November 05, 2006

I heard it on the radio

When I was in India, I'd listen to the song "November Rain" by Guns n Roses and think "It doesn't rain here in November*."

The song is beautiful in a way only sad, epic songs can be. Axl Rose's rasping voice, the piano, the strings and Slash on the guitar put together a song that washed away so much pain in an eight-minute orgy of excess. The video is no less with a real story, back-story and loads of symbolism to go with it (more here). Then there was Slash blazing away on lead guitar, standing on top of a grand piano in his trademark wide-legged stance. 

It's pouring outside on a cold November Friday. The radio plays, aptly, "November Rain". I soak in the lyrics and the music and I think back to another beautiful song.

"Radio, what's new? Someone still loves you."

In other news:

KMTT, my favorite area radio station is crowned one of the five best in rock radio by Rolling Stone.

*At least it never did where I lived.


Mark said...

November Rain is a classic tune. I was in Chicago a couple of weekends ago and randomly ended up in a low key piano bar and the guy played a great version of it.

So you are a Slash fan? Have you seen him in the volkswagen ads playing the first act guitar? The sound was awesome; he can still rock out. I checked out the website and its pretty cool.

Anyway, have a good one.

Ajay said...

Thanks for the link. I think GnR were really good. I haven't heard enough of Slash since he moved to Velvet Revolver.