Thursday, February 22, 2007


Audioslave, a personal favorite in the modern/alternative rock genre is splitting.

It's sad and kinda maddening. It took me a while to start liking a band in the present set enough to buy their albums. In the last six months, I've heard and liked quite a few tracks off Audioslave's debut release "Audioslave"and their second record "Out of Exile." Now they go and split up.

Well, it was a good run while it lasted.

Rage Against the Machine (75% of RATM became Audioslave, and they're going back) is re-uniting, though I personally preferred the introspective Chris Cornell over the perpetually angry Zack DeLaRocha.
A good thing is that this means there'll be more to listen to from Tom Morello ( lead guitarist) . I sometimes hope he goes solo or teams up with some other artists to expand his horizons. He is one guitarist for the ages.
Recommended Listening:
From Audioslave
"Show me how to live"
"Like a stone"
From Out of Exile
"Your time has come"


Pankaj Sethi said...

Grunge fan, you are indeed in the right city :)

Platypus said...

Tom Morello's riff in 'Like a Stone' gets me worked up everytime I hear it..

Too bad they're splitting up!
they cud've created some Alternative magic..