Monday, April 16, 2007

India Diaries - I

Playing Catch-Up

- Flying now means lots of movies. A bad year in terms of buzz-movie viewing was over-compensated on a 11+11-hour splurge between Seattle and Seoul-Incheon, both ways.

- The Departed was over-rated - best film of the year, really? 

- The Prestige, under-so (best movie of the year for me. JR - I complete my Chris Nolan filmography including The Following :-))  

- Happy Feet was light on it's feet, dark around the edges and better than everything Disney's put out in the past 10 years. The sucker for the underdog story that I am, Rocky Balboa rocked my world. Stallone as director still packs a punch, and Rocky is as endearing as he ever was.

- DiCaprio has really matured as an actor and I think I can finally forgive him for The Man in the Iron Mask. Especially in The Departed, though Blood Diamond wasn't too bad. I don't know about the accent he had in the film though.

- Even without really expecting much, Babel and Pan's Labyrinth were both underwhelming. I liked Pan's... more, and Babel was just too self-important for my taste. What's the f*%$ing point? is my question. Was it an attempt to make the movie festival-friendly? Maybe my tastes don't coincide with the NPR crowd,  but I actually didn't meet anyone who liked Babel either side of the Pacific.


Ramanand said...

Yippee! :-)
I also watched Doodlebug (off YouTube - on a dialup!) - was worth the bandwidth squeeze, so now I've done 'em all.

Now for The Dark Knight.

Saket said...

I didn't like Babel. Second your sentiments on that. Pan's Labyrinth I loved though.. I turned veggie the week after Pan's Labyrinth.

The Prestige was great no doubt.

CAR said...

I agree with infact all your observations except havent seen Prestige as yet. What's your take on 300?

And by a chaos in India do you mean life OR wife ;-)

Glad to see you back.

Ajay said...

JR: For a minute I thought they're adapting Frank Miller's Dark Knight...but apparently not. Yes, I saw "Doodlebug" too :-).

CAR: Life, (un)fortunately. I'm as single as can be.