Sunday, October 14, 2007

This is cool

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
- Arthur C. Clarke

The magic for me is "I'm so impressed they thought of that too." I've blogged on this topic before, and I keep hitting it with my sexy unlocked Nokia 6300 I bought on my last trip to India.

The customization on the phone is to be seen to be believed. Then of course, there's the feature that blew me away - the phone has a timed 'silent' mode. So if I'm going to be in a meeting or in a film and I have an estimate on how long I need my phone off, I can time it to that. No more worrying about remembering to turn my phone on or missing phone calls, playing phone tag et al.

Then, I got this in email from a friend replying to an email I sent out:

While I've always been questioning about the Tablet PC, this is cool.

Edit: Fixed typo in Nokia model number. Thanks CAR.


CAR said...

Nokia 6300 you mean?

Timed profile has beed around on Nokia phones for a while now.

Nokia has been my favorite phone for several years now. I am tad disappointed with the newer ones. Apparently you can no longer drop them from 14 feet and still expect it to work.

Ajay said...

Yes, I mean the 6300. Will fix that. Thanks.

I changed my phone after a looong time, and had a Motorola before this. I'm pretty impressed with this phone so far.

thedq said...

Ive got a motorola razor and it sucks :(. its interface is so counter intuitve

Chris Devaraj said...

Funnily, my handwriting is now famous :)

I myself just got into blogging! Good one you got going on here.