Saturday, December 29, 2007

Taare Zameen Par

Bachpan Ke Din Chaar
Na Aayenge Baar Baar
Jee Le Jee Le Mere Yaar
Jeb Khaali To Udhaar

Self-indulgent, visually creative and ultimately life-affirming, TZP emerges triumphant. The film can be accused of trying too hard. But it cannot be accused of not having heart.

Eschewing cliches of the visual, aural or histrionic variety, Aamir Khan in the director's chair unleashes a flawed but eminently likeable film. This is a smaller, more intimate film as compared to Lagaan (his debut as producer). Which only goes to prove that all the best storytellers need is a good yarn to spin.


notunma said...

Agree its a very likable movie that manages to put the message across strongly. The music was distracting rather than contributing to the story though - and sometimes it seems like the visualisation was over done.

CAR said...

Finally someone who agrees with me that this movie was like a Steak just a tad overdone. It had potential to be great but its drawn out scenes and its nagging behaviour made this movie good but certainly not great.