Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notes on a long and unexpected hiatus

- A couple of book reviews are in the works. But it's all amorphous and murky. Sitting down, revising and declaring something as blog-ready isn't quite happening. To put it succinctly, mazaa nahin aa raha.

- Props to JR for pointing out a fabulous Holmes pastiche by Neil Gaiman. Fragile Things is one of the few Gaiman works I haven't read, so it's duly on the library hold queue now.

- I'm super-happy about the death-knell being sounded for DRM with MP3s being sold on Amazon by all comers now. Add lossless audio too and we'll love you for it.

- On a personal note, creative expression finds more avenues. 'Is there anybody out there' takes on an entirely new meaning.

- New Years come and go. Resolutions kept and unkept take their toll. But going downhill sideways in the freezing cold finally sounds like my idea of fun.

- Enough of the 'monkeys' and the 'maa ki's. Real Test cricketers ought to last more than 70 overs. Seriously, Michael Clarke getting three wickets? In an over?

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