Thursday, July 03, 2008

See Micro...Spot?

One of the biggest challenges Microsoft faces as a company is how we can humanize ourselves to the world. Being called "The Borg" or similar doesn't do wonders for our public image.

I mean, we are a company of human beings. The company is full of really smart and passionate people working on things they genuinely care about. Things go crazy once in a while and we are shown up as being incompetent (Mac vs PC, anyone?) or even worse, malevolent. But the fact remains - Microsoft is a great company with its set of great attributes and flaws (some of which are great too).

Aiming to capture that is microspotting, a blog that focuses on interesting employees at Microsoft. Check it out. My favorite so far is the Dare Obasanjo story. He is the son of a bona fide Nigerian President. He talks about the Nigerian scam emails:

What’s weird about those is that I have to actually read them because I can’t be sure. They could actually be legitimate mail for me — I mean, I know Nigerian Senators and Governors who worked with my dad. So it’s irritating because I actually have to read those emails to be really sure!

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mystic rose said...

I always go 'Ah! Bill Gates. " :)