Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've heard from more than one source that I sound a lot more serious in print than in person. When I write on my blog, write email and so on, I tend to come across as being quite serious. There have been rumblings from some quarters that I sound like a preppy upstart. DQ remarked on my seriousness once, and I've had other friends say the same.

The musings on this blog tend to be introspective, well-thought-out and so on. I can punctuate my writings with :), LOLs and :p, but what the heck, my blog was meant to challenge my writing style and not my texting vocabulary (which is fine, thx! ). If trying to be articulate and very precise with my vocabulary in speech and in writing is a crime, guilty as charged.

However, all this seriousness isn't because I don't have a sense of humor. It's just that my sense of humor is not very bloggable. I find humor in stuff I talk about, observe (especially personality traits, attitudes etc) and not in things I write about. It's also that I'm never satisfied with the attempts at 'humor' I make and they never end up on my blog for the same reason. Being a medicore humor-attempter is fodder for a Seinfeld 2.0 episode.

Elaine: "He writes lame jokes on his blog."

Seinfeld: "He's a pseudo-humorist!"

Elaine:"OMG, I just met a pseudo-humorist! Is it infectious?!"

This leads to a weird dichotomy: a somber persona online combined with a dry, sardonic tongue-in-cheek flesh-and-blood personality. The twain do meet, in the form of this person, who long ago learned that caring too deeply about what people think about you tends to over-analysis of your own behavior, which is never fun. As coeus would say "Doosron ke bare mein soch ke kiska bhala hua hai."

*The title of this post is pure genius, which is not me. Hat-tip to elder Bhratashree. It's also to avoid actually saying "Why so serious?!" - the dialog cliche of the year.


Arpana Sanjay said...

Oh Bhat (but)...seriously now!! :-)

I was listening to Sting's St. Augustine in Hell after a long time...In between the devil says about hell -"....all kinds of people here - cardinals, archbishops, accountants, music critics..." It was an epiphany of sorts. I'd say most critics belong there - music, literary, theatre, film definitely and why not blog critics!!

March on seriously. There's plenty humor in being serious. Its more fun because its almost always an inside joke. Besides...someone in the world has to remember the English language before it entirely becomes English textage.

notunma said...

Its weird, isn't it? You are expected to be conversational in your blog ( at least the blogs I have seen which are most popular are the conversational ones), and somehow most people feel to be conversational you need to have emoticons and "text language" etc etc. What a pity!