Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Grammy peeves

Is it me, or do the Grammys this year really suck? I don't know my R from my B, but did Ray Charles win because he died this year, or because his album was really good? Is Norah Jones' Sunrise really the best female vocal performance this year? Was Los Lonely Boys' Heaven really the best song by a duo or group?

Why is it, that every song that makes me change the radio station, or at worst makes me cringe go on to be great on Grammy night? John Mayer's done better than Daughters on his latest album. But the sappy song wins song of the year (erm..did the judges listen to Bigger Than My Body or to Clarity?) Maybe I'll understand when I have kids...but I don't think I care anymore

Or is it that songs with more..you know balls are only nominated in the rock and hip-hop/rap category? Maybe Eminem is the only one who can be politically incorrect, yet win by the truckloads?

Me i.e. the jury still out on Green Day - listening to American Idiot just now. I love U2 and all that, but Vertigo is no Where the Streets Have No Name. Maybe the judges got carried away in the iPod craze too.

And yes, the new artist of the year - Maroon5. I kind of like a lot of their songs. But I feel there has to be a law about radio stations playing a song repeatedly for more than a month or so. There's only so much one can listen to "She will be loved" before the hands starts itching to break something.

And yes, lower your head for the non-acknowledgement of anything from across the pond. No Joss Stone, no Keane, no Franz Ferdinand.

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