Monday, February 14, 2005

To the Seven Islands

Of course everyone knows that New York City has five boroughs. For those who don't, they are:
Manhattan( the most well known and yet the smallest) , Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

But, but, but, did you know the seven islands that comprised Mumbai? (aka Bombay, aka Bambai, Bombai ...). There are different versions, but this is one that states the answer with enough authority.

Of course, acknowledgements are due. I owe this sudden intellectual curiosity as regards the history of one of my favorite cities to Salman Rushdie's seminal Midnight's Children. The mention of the seven islands there set me off. Blimey, I know the five boroughs of NYC off the tip of my tongue, but what about the seven islands ? So, I engage in trivial pursuit, in this case a trivial firing off of a Google query.

So, to Colaba, Old (Wo)Man's Island, Bombay, Mazagaon, Worli,Parel and Mahim. To all the islands that were added later. To the City of Dreams. To Bombay (or Mumbai, or whatever they call it now...)

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