Saturday, June 04, 2005

So, Hirak talks about things to do before you die. I agree wholeheartedly - I've had a list of places to go, books to read, et al before this blog (before the term 'blogging' existed actually - it still lives in a diary that has traveled halfway across the world with me) .

I did one thing last week that wasn't on the list - jump off a cliff with a prayer on my lips and a parachute on my back. Paragliding wasn't all smooth sailing (it takes a while to get the hang of the controls and the harness, even with the instructor strapped along with you for the ride), but it was awesome all the way. There is a sense of freedom quite unlike any you've known. The feeling of not having the constraint of ground beneath your feet, and going pretty much anywhere you feel like it is liberating (to put it mildly)


Sachin said...

nice to feel about ur Paragliding. well have u tried shooting while doing this? didn't any bird hit u :-)) or may b u must have said "hi" to the birds.

Ajay said...

I don't have a camera yet, and using it (if I had one) would have been slightly dicey. You are supposed to be holding on,and I wouldn't have had a real opportunity to enjoy the flight if I had been too busy clicking away. A video-recording would have been interesting. I could have left it on, and concentrated on the flight and learning the controls(yes, I controlled the flight for a while).