Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Car-car dekho

Although I am not a gearhead, unlike other bloggers I know, this red-blooded male's heart does skip a beat at the sight of a fine piece of engineering.

So, while making my way to office on a Mundane Monday Morning, there was the sudden skipping of a beat in yours truly's heart when a Lotus Elise (exact same color as the photo in the link) stopped right next to me at a light. This was my first darshan of this beauty.

Just when I was getting back to normal, a 2005 Corvette (again the same color as in the photo ) passed by.

Living in the Redmond area, with a lot of Micro-serfs who made their millions when the Microsoft stock was shooting sky-high like Google means that everyone and his uncle here drives a BMW 3-series, and 5/7 series or Porsche Carreras are so common, that they are (almost) passé. But, a Lotus Elise or a Corvette? Now you're talking. Just as I was pulling into the street where my office stands, a lime-green 2005 Mustang passed by.

Needless to say, my day was made.

To top it all off, an Indigo Corvette (it was a hard-top, not a convertible like this photo)made its way onto a light right next to me on the drive back home.


Till then, how about this for consolation: The rush hour traffic today was so slow, that I tailed the Elise for almost 3 miles.On internal roads with 40 mi. speed limits of course.


CAR said...

heheh. Looks like a good and a purposeful day on earth.

Although the elise might look good and very catchy, it is known simply for its fantastic chassis and handling capabilities. And while i dont want to turn this comment into a post, i do you want you to realize that if you do see elise on a turn, be sure that she can take the turn at twice the speeds with no loss of composure. She was born to turn.

Hirak said...

What is it with women and babies, and men and cars?

Sakshi said...

Have you ever noticed that the good lookin car next to you in most cases is being driven by an old man or women or a really ugly bald headed guy?

Ahhhh......this is life !

Nice blog by the way...

Ajay said...

Thanks.It's ironic, but I guess most people cannot afford these fancy cars unless they get to that age in life. Most of us younger people are getting by with our Toyotas and Hondas.