Friday, July 22, 2005

Potter, Potter everywhere

...and not a review shall I read.

Yes, sirree. Haven't read a single review of Harry Potter VI (HPATH-BP, if you so desire). I haven't bought it yet, but soon may. Thought I'd get some predictions, questions and expectations for the book out of the way this time around, before I read it. And no, no reviews shall be read till the book is consumed.

1. Do Ron and Hermione make any headway? It's obvious that the sparks are a'flying.
2. Harry Potter gets a new girlfriend? My guess. We need a new female interest. He is a teenager, and I'm sure he's outgrown Cho Chang.
3. Neville Longbottom grows to be a stronger and more interesting character .I hope so. His backstory in HPATGOF (No. V) was compelling. He needs some serious redemption now.
4. More background on Snape's role in the war on evil.
5. A new teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts (correct me if I'm wrong here).I hope it is an interesting character.
6. More gloominess all around? My favorite of the series is No. III (HPATPOA). It somehow seemed cheery in the end - HP gets his Godfather back and all that. There was some cool stuff, including the fact that he gets some real memories of his parents. No. V in comparison is positively depressing. I know life is not fair and all that, but the books could be a bit sunnier. Even Harry's romancing is colored by the fact that his GF is mooning over her dead love. Cut him some slack, will ya?
7. More political allusions. Racism, the KKK and class warfare have all been dealt with. Is it the War On Terror, everyone' s favorite whipping boy this season? I doubt it, because J K Rowling is British. It is only George Lucas who does the whole 'with us, against us' thingie.

I might just sneak into the neighborhood B&N and get a copy sometime soon.


*And Sorry For All The Acronyms.

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