Monday, May 08, 2006

A clean break

Clean breaks from the past are good. Bad habits are let go of, unpleasant memories left behind and an attempt is made to start anew. New places, new place of living, new job all afford this opportunities. I've made a few of these in the past year or so to varying degrees of success.

All this is fine and dandy. But it seems my laptop got the wrong signals. I meant excising bad habits, not my entire music collection, photographs and sundry other data that I may deem important a few years down the line. Efforts with partition tables, boot records and live CDs have all been pointless. My data is hosed and I've been condemned to digital hell.
Re-building a system, installing software. So much time wasted that could have been used more productively.
Moral of the Story: Always back up your data. Frequently. And frequently is not once a year.


thedq said...

Uh Oh. I learnt that too a few days ago. Only difference is that i learnt more:

0)thou shalt back up files on your computer.
a) thou shalt not 'Cnrl+Alt+del', go to task manager, processes, right click on random processes and delete them. This results in system failure.
b) thou shalt know what F2 can do to your system before booting.
c) thou shalt not copy roomies movies on your computer till it flashes 'system memory low... low... low...'
d) thou shalt start to worry when you get click-on-cockroach-to-kill-win-prise pop-ups on your computer, and no!!! thou shalt not click on them!!!
e)thou shalt chant "Jai computer engineers" occasionally every morning.
f) thou shalt make good frineds with at least one to repair computer.

So that was the exhaustive list for non comp techies. [disclaimer: resemblence of any point to authors personal experience is purely coincidental]

I should cross post this on my blog :-D

CAR said...

What about memories Ajay? Do you think backing up more frequenty would help fading images?

Ajay said...

DQ: It's partially my fault. They say the weirdest problems are encountered by those who do things that way. I was doing some foo, and I paid the price.

I wish you didn't need to be a computer engineer to use a computer effectively. We're still at work on the problem.

DW: Memories are only refreshed by these photos. They are no substitute.