Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's happening...

Roger Waters to play Seattle's Key Arena. It has been heard the entire Dark Side of the Moon is on the program.

So you thought you might like to,
Go to the show
To feel the warm thrill of confusion,
That space cadet glow...

In the interim, Joe Satriani's next week. There are no other acts that I'm super-keen on seeing this summer (except Dave Matthews Band). Sasquatch has some interesting acts lined up, but they are on different days, and I'm wary of driving all the way to watch just one act.
On the movie front though, things are definitely more interesting. X-Men III, M:I-3, Spiderman 3 and Superman are all hitting the marquee this summer. Fun comes.

1 comment:

Saket said...

Good stuff AJ. I would have loved to see Roger Waters in action too.
Should check out his schedule.