Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Cricinfo's All Of Today's Yesteryears marks July 26th as an important date - the birth of Jonty Rhodes.

Jonty caught the imagination of a generation of cricket-lovers with that spectacular run-out in the '92 World Cup to dismiss Inzamam-ul-Haq. An interesting and little-known fact about him is that he had a chance to represent South Africa in hockey in the Olympics, which would have given him the rare distinction of representing his nation in two sports (he declined the selection to play cricket) . Also, he is epileptic, a fact that caused him to stop playing soccer as a kid (a hit to the head would have induced a fit). The present generation of cricket players definitely have been inspired by his antics at backward point since he was probably worth 20 runs before he even walked out to bat.

A request to hardcore cricket aficionados reading this: *Any* chance of obtaining an image of his extraordinary dismissal of Inzy? I remember a Sportstar centerfold poster from back then. Searching online so far has been futile.


Ramanand said...

I'm surprised you can't find it online - I thought it should have been all over the place. I don't have the sportstar poster, but I have it in b&w from The Hindu in my World Cup '92 scrapbook (painfully assembled in mega-enthusiasm). Presumably, it's the same pic you're talking about, only more colourful.

Ajay said...

I did find one really small B/W image on wikipedia on Jonty Rhodes' entry. I was looking for one half-decent enough to grace my computer monitor.