Thursday, July 20, 2006

José- A Casa!

José + 10 is, simply put, beautiful.

As a friend remarked, all of us have played fantasy sports as kids in the neighborhood, where you take on the name of a famous player, while your opponent kid does the same. I remember avatars of Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Viv Richards, Ravi Shastri (when he was still champion of champions and not the notorious slowpoke he became) and even Jansher and Jahangir Khan used as we duked it out. ( we had this variant of squash that we played with table-tennis gear and the porch wall).

To translate that into this ad is simply the coolest thing I've seen on TV advertising in a while. It manages to capture the effervescent spirit of futbol the world over. The clever juxtaposition of players from different eras, the music tracks used in the background and the impish José all add up to that rare ad - one meant for goosebumps and rushing blood.

Check here for a full look at the ad and translation.

Impossible is Nothing.

Hat Tip: Amit Varma


CAR said...

I so agree. One of the best ads I have seen in recent times!

Ramanand said...

Terrific ad, indeed.