Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogger Boos

I started blogging at the cusp of it taking off - mid 2004. It had already taken off in the tech and early adopter world, and six months into me blogging (three months into me being serious about it), it was the Word Of The Year for 2004. It felt nice to be part of a phenomenon, since I definitely wasn't part of the 2003 Word Of The Year 'Metrosexual'.

At the time, Blogger seemed sufficient, especially since it was the most well-known one, and everyone I knew seemed to be on it. That it was owned by Google meant that I hoped it would keep getting better all the time.

I must say I am disappointed. As I've blogged more, some of the other features of blogging that I'd love, most importantly, blog categories haven't been added to Blogger. I've already posted over 150 entries, and I'd love to be able to (natively) categorize these posts as I write them. I've mulled over hacking something with Technorati tags, et al, but I'm too lazy to do it.

Another very helpful thing would be stats. My site is not very widely read, but it's still nice to know that there are people out there who like to read what I write (heck, everyone needs a little ego-massaging now and then), and there's no way for me to know how many people subscribe to my feed, since the site meter only tags the site visitors.

Lalit's already canvassing me to move over to MSN Spaces. I don't want to yet, but a migration tool might make it tempting for me. There's already migration tools for blogger to wordpress (there might be stuff for typepad too, haven't checked).

In addition, things like better templates and ways to organize links (there's only so much HTML hacking you can put up with), plus an easier way to get photos on your blog (admit it, the hello! route is the pits).

Blogger was once the pioneer, boldly going where no blog tool had gone before. I wish they'd get back to those ways again.


Vulturo said...


You seriously can't tell me you haven't heard about Wordpress.

You can move to the best blogging system in the world. And take all your POSTS and comments with you

There have thousands who have shifted from Blogger to wordpress with satisfactory results, Myself being one of them (I shifted 6 months ago)

With a bit of work, you can also recreate your blogger template in wordpress. But there are several available.

MSN Spaces sucks, trust me.

Please feel free to mail me on contact [at] vulturo [dot] for ANY help regarding the same. Would be glad to do the dirty work for you :-)



thedq said...

Same feelings here. Everytime i put up a post, editing it is a pain. The templates have few choices to pick from.
Why dont you use
(was nedstatbasic). Its pretty decent.

CAR said...

Hmm. I quite like blogspot. I use Picassa/hello or just the photo attachment tool in blogger to get pictures up on the blog. Since mine is not a photo blog, i havent found this too bad. Guess i have low expectations.

dq is right. Webstat4u can get you a lot of ego massaging and plenty of stats!

Ajay said...

Saket: Thanks for the offer - I may take you up on it if I decide to shift.
Spaces comes into the equation more because my friend works for MSN, and he is selling me on it all the time :-).

Nupur, Dushyant - I have a sitemeter on my site - it does not track people reading me via my feed using an RSS reader or Bloglines or something similar. That is what the issue is. For instance, around 5 people subscribe to my site via Bloglines - which means 5 less people hitting my site whom I have no track of.