Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Every generation brings its own fashion sensibilities to the fore. In the 50s it was sweaters and slacks for the rich and leather jackets and boots for the toughs. The 60s brought flower power - printed shirts, bell-bottoms, and the ubiquitous peace medallion. The seventies continued the bell-bottoms and tie-and-dye shirt revolution. The funny thing is, even though these fashions are a bit dated, seeing them on screen in old TV shows or movies doesn't really look all that funny to me.

Then of course there was the 80s. The clothes from that era for some reason look so egregiously bad now, that I wonder how sane people even found them fashionable back then. There were the weird hairstyles for men and women, polka-dots, those horrible baggy pants (the kind that M C Hammer kept wearing into the 90s). Then there were of course those oversize plastic sunglasses that covered up half your face.

I wonder what fashions of today will coming generations shake their heads at?


CAR said...

Pajama's that have lettered text accross the butt side!

Ajay said...

I personally think a tattoo on the lower back is the most cliched expression of rebellion to have ever existed.