Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A new era begins... I hope

I don't remember the last time I so fervently wished well for an Indian cricketer (Sachin, like everything else is an exception). Dravid begins his campaign on the hot seat of one of the most thankless jobs in India.

Dravid epitomizes every one of the qualities that I look up to in a sporting hero. He is hardworking, polite to a fault, and yet impossibly resilient ( He isn't aggressive? Tell me that if you think Eden Gardens 2001 and Adelaide 2003 isn't about being a goddamn d*#k and not getting out while scoring runs) . A team player to the core, he's played in positions 1-7 and as wicket-keeper in ODIs depending on the team's needs and contributed immensely to our short-lived stature as a good one-day team.

He definitely is the person I want to succeed, and succeed emphatically. Only by succeeding emphatically will he bring to an end this carping over whether he is a good captain.

That being said, it is too short a timeframe for him to succeed. In fact, I get the bad feeling that he is being set up for failure by the selectors. The good thing is that he seems to be seeing eye-to-eye with the coach, and they do seem to have some ideas. I hope they are the right ones for India.

Update: As I write this, India is on the rampage in the 1st ODI against Sri Lanka.

Go India!


Ramanand said...

I know exactly how you feel - I have closely followed Dravid's career for I've always felt here's a guy whose life has been exemplary in terms of how to work hard and be dogged. Am enjoying his stint as captain and love his rational comments off the field.

As I never grow tired of saying, Rahul Dravid will be a big figure even post retirement - he can easily be the best Indian commentator of all time, or perhaps even a mentor to the teams ahead in case the system evolves to such a point.

Ajay said...

I agree on the commentator part . He is pretty articulate, and better than almost all of the Indian lot we have up there for sure.

I hope the system improves. The BCCI seems to be going backwards. It's in spite of them that our team is actually doing something noteworthy.