Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Work News

The IE blog is carrying a post on a feature that I worked on testing. It hasn't been all fun and games, but the decompression work that has gone into WinInet should yield significant improvements for both programmers using it and for IE users. There has been some serious hard work put in for better HTTP spec compliance and performance improvements in this edition. It's amazing how a few months of work on something make you feel protective and proud.*

I've been dogfooding IE7 extensively, and I must say that it is shaping up pretty well. It is fairly ironic that as a rabid Firefox proponent, I should end up working with a team that works on a vital component of Internet Explorer. However, as I like to say, we are part of the solution, not the problem. Expect a rocking new version of Internet Explorer for XP (and a rocking IE in Vista) soon.

* No, I entertain healthy skepticism about a lot of things at my workplace. I am not on the official Kool-Aid. There are things that I love about this place and there are things that drive me up the wall. And yes, Microsoft is a client of my employer, just to make things completely clear.

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