Thursday, November 10, 2005


There is an inner voice in all of us, that tells us things.It is a tiny little voice, which is much smarter than you think.

You realize that it's telling you things, that you choose to ignore because cold 'logic' dictates otherwise.

Do so at your own peril.

The problem is, it takes courage to listen to this voice and act on it, and not act on anything people say to you, or what convention says is the correct thing to do. Go ahead, listen to yourself very very carefully. The voice is right, and it will be your highest calling.

Even if it isn't, you'll never regret it. It is better to be proven wrong this way, than not to have acted on that hunch at all.

Abhayam. Asokam.

No fear. No regrets.


thedq said...

Just yesterday, i had an intuition that i wont have Yoga class. I was about to leave for it and something told me to call a friend and confirm (i never do that for this class), and it did turn out to be cancelled!!
I get vibrations from people and places (houses whose inhabitants i know). I get negative vibrations from people who have spoken ill of me. Then I know instantly! Really weird no? :-)

Ajay said...

Wow. If you get vibrations from houses, you are way out of my league in the instincts stakes.