Thursday, November 03, 2005

The past two weeks

- Worked on making a collage for the local CRY chapter (where I volunteer) despite having no skills worth writing home about. It actually came out well, due to a couple of very creative types who did the hard work. Me? I just cut stuff.

- Played poker. Am proud that I wasn't the first one to lose all my chips. I also won one round since I had a pair. Considering this was only my third time and for the first time with serious players, I'm not too beat up about it. It was for charity, so no complaints. I still didn't buy more chips. There's only so much humiliation you mind bearing, even for charity.

- Attended a Celtic music concert. I wear my Tartan heritage proudly on my sleeve. But the bagpipe isn't exactly my (musical) weapon of choice. Lalit bullied me into it, though I ended up thanking him later. I enjoyed it tremendously. There was, in addition to the headlining Keith Highlander Pipe Band, an Irish folk music band An Tua with a flute, banjo and piano who were great. There was a solo piper who positively lit up the place with his playing. Add some Irish and Highland dances, and it made for a highly entertaining evening.

- After despairing over the past few months, India is back, and how! We didn't buy the series package this time, and I think all of us are now slightly scared of breaking the jinx. If India is winning without us watching, so it shall be.

- My new baby rocks. It is actually a couple of months old now- I finally got some decent memory to go with it. It is hard to believe, but I waited almost a year to buy a camera, though photography is something that I've been interested in for almost two years now.

Now I have to pick up the skills for me to be worthy of it. I'm not hopeless, but then this isn't your regular digital camera. It's not a SLR, but this will scale nicely with my ambitions. Today, non-automatic modes, tomorrow the world?

"May you live in interesting times" - Old Chinese Proverb


thedq said...

Wow! the camera looks 'solid heavy duty' ;-) But Panasonic? I would have thought Canon is 'ze best'.

Ajay said...

Experts/Enthusiasts say Nikon's the best among the high-end ones. This one's a Panasonic, but the lens it has is a Leica, again a high-end one. I tried a couple of different cameras in the local store, including a Canon in a similar price-range, but I liked the feel of this one in my hands :-).

CAR said...

expect more pictures then! May be you start a photo blog?

Ajay said...

Probably not a photo blog. But I'll post photos online - I'll link here when I start doing so.