Saturday, January 22, 2005


One doesn't expect to wake up one day and find one's fundas on life validated by a Harvard professor. But here I am. All I think of Happiness And Life As I See It vindicated by Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology at Harvard:

The Article

Choice quotes:

"Research suggests that human beings have a remarkable ability to manufacture happiness."

"Things do seem to turn out for the best - but studies suggest that this has less to do with the way things turn out than with our natural tendency to seek, notice, remember, generate and uncritically accept information that makes us happy."

This does put paid to the romantic notion that things will turn out fine. It turns out that things don't turn out fine, but people do. This places a greater onus on us (I like that, onus on us. Recursive alliteration ?) to make things work in our mind, rather than hoping that they'll turn out OK.

Bummer. The responsibility is killing.

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