Sunday, January 09, 2005

Movies to see

Good special over at rediff about the movies coming up next year (make it this year). A few
obvious pleasers: Johnny Depp and auteur extraordinaire Tim Burton combining after a sweet Edward Scissorhands and a dull but gorgeous-looking Sleepy Hollow to bring us the Roald Dahl favorite, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Time for a library trip to read up on the original? Or should I do it the LOTR way, the movies first, and the books later ? (actually, I haven't read the books yet)

Batman begins, this time with a Goth feel, more than the campy feel it's had over its past reincarnations. I did like a couple of the Batman movies (whats to not like about Alicia Silverstone in a catsuit) , but I think this revisitation to the franchise will be worth it.

Then of course, there is a very interesting looking Sin City , a real graphic novel meets big screen, and one I am really looking forward to - "Be Cool". John Travolta redefines cool (when he gets up on the right side of the bed, that is), and him on the dance floor with the Bill Killing U in a Pulp Fiction after-party is to look forward to.

Favorite dialog: "Do you dance?" " I am from Brooklyn"
Well, Saturday Night Fever had his character based in Brooklyn too.

An interesting study - movies based in New York, versus movies based in any other city in the US. I think NYC wins 2 to 1 at the minimum. Maybe, someone more statistically inclined might be interested.

But, there is that one movie based across the Hudson River in the Garden State - Spielberg's new "War of the Worlds". Well, Tom Cruise was all over the papers when he shot in the Newark area for the movie. Which left Alhad, formerly from Los Angeles, California - Home to Hollywood in considerable mirth.

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