Thursday, January 20, 2005

Make way for the fashion statement of the month. It's ...sweaters. As the mercury went south all the way to the Antarctic here, the warm woolies are out more than ever, even in the warm confines of the office. A casual walk down the corridor shows more men/women in their fleece sweatshirts and turtle-neck sweaters than ever before in my brief time here.

This place is nowhere close to Pittsburgh on the snow quotient (proximity to the Great Lakes being a great factor there). But with the temperature touching 0 Fahrenheit here, the very few cold-lovers must be happy. Mainly skiers are happy with this kind of weather. No one else seems to like it much. To paraphrase an ad I heard on the radio,a snowboarder will be "Down in the garage, giddy as a schoolgirl,polishing his snowboard".

Waiting for the snow to thaw, and glorious spring to arrive. Not that I'd mind skiing (its on a list of things to do, this winter or next), or the snow so much. I don't mind this weather so much except for the fact that it is so goddamn disruptive. Going out means scraping 3 inches of snow off the car and driving 15 miles slower than the prescribed speed limit. No walking outside, unless you want to freeze and risk the loss of a digit (or a limb). No food places or coffee shops with outside seating. You are stuck inside unless you can lift yourself off your rear and drive 100 miles to the middle of nowhere, pay through your nose and ski.

Seeing people (read: pretty girls in summer. I leave the rest to your imagination) on the roads and outdoors is much more fun. Not to mention some real greenery, as compared to the really depressing dried trees I see outside my window right now.


Anonymous said...

Remember those hot and uneasy Pune days under that Bajirao Road apartment; and Thank GOD!


Ajay said...

Vipin - very true. But doesn't one's memory get sepia-tinted with time? One retains only the nicer memories. I prefer to remember the fun times there, and not the oppressive heat in summer :-).