Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Incredible Dilemma

Much has been written about "The Incredibles" and the philosophical questions it raises. I admit, I am not entirely uncomfortable with all of them myself. The character of Syndrome has a beginning that is not entirely unlike that of many geeks - super-intelligent with visions of heroism. While the do-gooders get their due glory, a rejected-in-childhood Incredi-boy becomes Syndrome, intent on turning the world into a celebration of mediocrity. The "everyones' special" refrain of parenthood today in the US is played on very smartly.

My audacious question is: is that so untrue? It's not my case that we celebrate mediocrity like the ridiculous ceremony for Dash's 4th grade graduation. However, as a generation that really knows no better , are we in a position to judge what gifts people are born with?

And what about hard work? Many gifts, including the holy grail of geekdom - hacking, are not purely birth-given. They are acquired through hard work, through all-nighters with caffeine and ramen noodles for company.Where does a world with the Incredibles(who don't really have to work at it) leave these people?

Time to watch the movie again.


Found this nice review, which partially agrees with my POV on the intelligence of Syndrome and the problem it raises within the whole premise of the movie.

In hindsight, I feel a bit silly. All this over an animated film. Well, at least I don't try to learn Klingon, and do a few million silly things that the Star Trek crowd seems to think cool.

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